Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Wrap Up - July 2018

In typical Sarah style, I've not done a wrap up post for months but I've finally read an acceptable number of books and I'm feeling alright so let's go!

Books Read

Total books read: Four
Physical books: Three
Audiobooks: One

The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher - I'll admit this audiobook took me a very long time to finish, but it was really interesting and I enjoyed listening to Carrie read her own book. It was a bit emotional but also good fun.

Floored by Sara Barnard et al - I'd been waiting for this for ages and ages!! I really enjoyed it, it was a interesting premise and I loved reading a load of my fave authors in one place. If you want to see more of my thoughts then check out my review!

The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert - I'll be honest, I got this at YALC last year and I thought finally I should read it before I went back, I really wanted it and I don't know why it took me so long but you know how it is! It's a creepy fairy tale centred book that shocked me and had me ever-so-slightly terrified in my own home... a little confusing in parts but very much enjoyed reading it.

Clean by Juno Dawson - I really enjoyed this, it's very gritty and honest and everything I expected in one of Juno's books (despite not having read anything by her before - why?). I'll hopefully write a full review and get that up in the next few days!


So as with everything, I've been on hiatus from my new-ish channel too (which is v much to my detriment because it's going to be even harder to gain views etc now). I did however manage to get one video posted this month, going over my haul from my birthday.

I'm hoping now that I have a new phone and a slightly lifted mental health status, I'll be able to get some motivation back and start uploading regularly!

Please check out my channel and subscribe if you'd like!


As I hinted at already, July is YALC month! So all my bookish social events all happened over a 4 day period in London. I'll be doing a full YALC wrap up very soon, but basically I went to a Penguin Secret Party (and anxiously ate olives), won the Floored Launch Pub Quiz (#TeamNonTheWiserForTheWin - everyone else answered the questions I largely just ate snacks) and spent three full days surrounded by books, bookish people and meeting some of my favourite authors! It was BRILLIANT.


This may not have been my most prolific content creating month by any means, but I did fully redesign my blog and make my new header (please let me know if you like it!). And I started a bullet journal which is super fun! I'm really hoping next month to dedicate more regular slots of time to my blog etc. as I feel that structure really helps me not only to be successful but aids my wellbeing! Tune in next month to see how that goes...

Not so bad for a month where I really felt that I struggled. Feels good to be looking over all the things I've successfully done! Thanks for reading, hope that next month is a good one!


  1. you read soem awesome books in july tbh! ive only read a few chapters of the hazel wood but im really enjoying it