Friday, 1 April 2016

The Manifesto on How to be Interesting by Holly Bourne

Rating : 8/10
The Manifesto on How to be InterestingThis was a fantastic book, I was absolutely hooked from the first chapter. It's one of those where you sit down and think to yourself "Yes, I've got time to just read a couple of chapters before I carry on with my coursework." then low and behold three hours have gone past and you're still in exactly the same position, no closer to reaching your deadlines.
It follows the story of schoolgirl Bree who dreams of becoming a published author, but her applications keep being rejected despite all of her efforts. When she is told to live a more exciting life before trying again, she takes it upon herself to becoming interesting, the living stereotype of all things popular in high school. As you would expect, the popular life isn't all that it seems to be from the outside and Bree is soon in a bit of a mess! But I'll leave the rest of the story for you to learn for yourself.
Bree, is a character who I hold close to my heart (I think it's because we've both dyed our hair stupid colours and have had to deal with the weird is it pink? or is it brown? stages of colour fading), she's like so many of us are (or have been), unhappy with the way things are even though there is no real reason. The difference between us however, is that she has the guts to go "Okay let's see what the popular thing is about then shall we, if I have to be interesting I'll go all the way!" and that's what makes this book such a joy to read, we can all relate to different aspects of what she's going through and we can learn from her story, whilst at the same time look at everything which happens to her and marvel at how someone can deal with so many things at the same time!
The one factor that I wish I had been warned about before I began reading this book however, is that it should come with a pretty big trigger warning for self harm. Holly Bourne writes about such a sensitive topic as well as anyone could do, whilst still reflecting the way in which it affects her character's life, but I found it very challenging to read and I would have much appreciated knowing what I was in for before I opened the book. I would never tell anyone not to read something but I would just suggest considering if it is a wise idea before you start this one, if you know this is something that can upset you.

Overall this is a wonderful read, a classic coming of age novel with a heartbreakingly relatable lead character that you will fly through once you open, and I would certainly recommend it.


  1. Great review - you make me want to read this :)

    1. thanks! you definitely should read it c: