Monday, 5 February 2018

Mental Health Mondays #17: 2018 reboot

Hey, hi, hello, welcome! In case you hadn't noticed I've not written one of these posts for quite some time due to a wide range of factors (largely exam related). So for the sake of this post I'd appreciate it if everyone could just pretend that I haven't entirely missed out on posting in January! I'd like to take a little time to chat through the kinds of things I'm hoping to do with this feature in 2018, mostly because I need to plan it and I am currently very much lacking in inspiration for where to start with writing MHM's again. Hopefully this will help?!

Anyway here goes with my 2018 Mental Health Mondays aims/plans/goals/whatsits:

Reintroduce the Question Box - I did a few posts from this last year, answering people's MH related questions, I thought it was pretty fun so I'm hoping I can get some more Q's and prompts from there (hint - check it out and leave me your questions here).

Include more reviews/multimedia - this was actually one of my aims when I started MHM's to also use it as a space for reviews of TV/film/books etc. focussing on mental health or at least dealing with it in someway, I never actually did so and I think it might be quite fun to mix it up a bit?!

Post regularly - I am a very organised person in every other aspect of my life but for some reason I find keeping up a blog schedule very difficult? I'm hoping to designate some time each week to getting these posts written so I can keep up momentum for writing them, because I love doing so but sometimes I run out of time!

Guest posts!!! This was also a dream of mine when I started these posts, to have other people share a little bit about their mental health experiences on my blog and help to provide a bit of diversity to the posts! This is a work in progress atm and I am very much in need of people who'd like to feature so please let me know on twitter/email/carrier pigeon (see Contacts page for links or whatev). But I would love to get as many little posts from different people as possible because it just sounds super duper exciting!

There you have it, my 2018 hopes and dreams for this feature! Thank you for reading and please please if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see featured in one of these posts I'm not kidding just let me know because I love to talk about stuff that other people find interesting!! 

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